Foundation of Tri-Sett

Am/Can/Bda Ch. Jadehill Ashran of Tri-Sett Am/Can CD

(Ch Torrance of Ellicott x Cannon Hill Abby of Jade Hill)
March 20, 1972 – July 18, 1982
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Shadow, about 10 years old 

Shadow and her litter brother at field trial, 1972 

Shadow, BOB, Judge Bernard Barron 

She was my first Gordon Setter, and what a girl! Her call name became Shadow, as she was always at my heels from day one.

I consider it an exception when the first dog one buys — as a puppy in a breed one doesn’t know too much about — takes ahold of you and controls the rest of your life in the dog world. Shadow did just that. She was what every one wants, and she became my teacher, and the foundation for Tri-Sett Gordons.

Shadow became a champion in 3 countries, got her obedience title in 2 countries and also ran in walking field trials in Maine (when Gordon Setters were totally ignored due to their color). She never placed in any trials, but she ran with heart and soul and pointed properly for a Gordon.

When I first started to show Shadow, she was always complimented on her quaility of movement, but she did not have quite enough type. Back then, a lot of our Gordons had heavier heads and larger muzzles — so Shadow was considered quite “Irishy.” It was not until she matured that she began to turn judges’ heads. And yes, the “style” was also changing — the old term “hound dog look”was taking on new meaning. As I look back at her photos, I feel strongly that she would be quite competitive in the ring today.

Shadow was a wonderful companion and why I still have Gordons today. Over the years I learned about the breed, learned to travel with a dog to shows, and met many wonderful people.

View Shadow’s Pedigree

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