Tri-Sett Keerious Kade JH, UD — “Kade”

Dual CH Beaconfield Captain Fantastic JH x Dual CH Tri-Sett Zenith Brite Ju-Dee JH


Tri-Sett Keerious Kade UD, “Kade”

Congratulations, Kade, on your cover story in the Gordon Setter News!

Tri-Sett Keerious Kade
Kade earns UD title at ten years of age!


Article from GSCA News, September 2010



Tri-Sett Keerious Kade UD
Tri-Sett Keerious Kade UD, “Kade”

Bill & Harriette Greene, Seattle, WA

Frozen semen available.

Whelped: 6/23/1999


  • GSCA 2009 Annual Award: Second place, High Scoring Utility Dog
  • 2010: Junior Hunter

  • November 8, 2009: 2nd place to complete his Utility Dog title.

  • November 7, 2009: 1st place at the Obedience Club of Asheville (NC)

Kade - Christmas in Seattle (mouseover the photo)

Kade and Bill enjoying life
Tri-Sett Keerious Kade CD  
Kade and owner Bill Shelton, 2003 National Specialty
Kade - 2003 National Specialty
Tri-Sett Keerious Kade CD  Tri-Sett Keerious Kade CD

                   |---CH Buteo’s Firebird
         |---CH Buteo’s Confederate Dream

         |         |
         |         |---Buteo’s Willow
SIRE: Dual CH Beaconfield Captain Fantastic

         |         |---CH Rockaplenty’s McRoth
         |         |
         |---CH Beaconfield Dreamgirl

                   |---CH Beaconfield Flashdance

                   |---CH Woodsmoke’s Classic Alibi CD
         |---CH Tri-Sett Quite Madison WD (picture)

         |         |
         |         |---Tri-Sett Madeira Catriona (picture)
         |         |
Dual CH Tri-Sett Zenith Brite Ju-Dee JH, CD
         |         |---CH Buteo’s Colorado
         |         |
         |---CH Tri-Sett Nitetime Nicole UD (picture)

                   |---CH Tarbaby’s Garland WD (picture)

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