While all Setter heads have the same basic outlines, the Gordon has more stop; a larger, rounder skull; more square, blocky look; and seen from the front, the muzzle is broader and blends into the skull without bulging cheeks. This is what is meant by the following:"...the cheek as narrow as the leanness of the head allows." All this talk of lean does not imply narrow heads.
Standard States
The Head: The head is deep, rather than broad, with plenty of brain room; a nicely rounded good sized skull, broadest between the ears. The head should have a clearly indicated stop. Below and above the eyes should be lean and the cheek as narrow as the leanness of the head allows. The muzzle is fairly long and not pointed, either as seen from above or from the side. The flews should not be pendulous. The nose should be broad, with open nostrils and black in color. The muzzle is the same length as the skull from occiput to stop and the top of the muzzle is parallel to the line of the skull extended. The lip line from the nose to the flews shows a sharp, well defined, square contour.

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